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When Should I Bring On A Business Consultant?

As the old saying goes, in the long run the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.

While it would be lovely if we lived in a world where major unexpected crises never occur, the sad truth is, they do. Not every business plan works out. Fundamental assumptions can turn out to be incorrect, and significant political developments can radically change the outlook of a market. Major disasters hit. Economic bubbles pop.

In short, it’s impossible to plan for everything. And when the unexpected occurs, that’s when it may be time to look into hiring a business consultant.

What A Business Consultant Can Do For You

Perhaps the most important thing a business consultant does is give you a brand new set of eyes, looking at your business and its strategies. It’s well-known that in all human endeavors, from writing a novel to starting a business, it’s all too easy to become “too close” to the project and unable to see fundamental problems with it.

When we see something too often, we begin to accept it rather than questioning it. If something appears to be working, we tend to leave it alone rather than risking rocking the proverbial boat.

A consultant can come in and see your business in a whole new way. Such skilled consultants know how to look at a business from its foundations upwards, and trace how seemingly-minor issues end up escalating into major issues at the end of the line. Often, successful change comes not from making sweeping changes to your strategy, but simply by refining and improving its implementation.

When To Hire a Business Consultant

Here are a few warning signs that suggest it may be time for a professional consultant:

  1. A major disaster, such as a server breach or catastrophic weather event, occurs and you need guidance getting through the crisis.

  2. Your business, while doing well, plateaus in its growth and nothing seems to spur it.

  3. Productivity among your workers is dropping, and you cannot reverse the trend.

  4. You feel your strategy is sound, but your tactics are failing to achieve it.

  5. Political upheaval, such as new regulations, changes your business landscape.

  6. You want to expand into a new market you’re unfamiliar with.

Could your business benefit from the expertise of a business consultant? Drop us a line, we’d love to chat.


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