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Nonprofit Services

With a strong commitment to creating a lasting impact through our nonprofit services, CSR is at the forefront of elevating the performance and impact of mission-driven organizations. As a trusted and leading provider, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to empower your cause, enabling you to make a meaningful and tangible difference. Our expertise spans various areas, including fundraising, nonprofit board development and governance, donor relationship management, organizational structure, and IT support, ensuring that all your needs are met with utmost care and efficiency.

Explore the full spectrum of our nonprofit services below


We help you with tailored guidance, expert insight and comprehensive analysis to craft a practical plan. Through a meticulous process of understanding your organization from every angle, we create a roadmap and blueprint for your organization’s future success, enabling the leadership and board to effectively set and exceed goals, allowing your organization to thrive.   


We work with you to implement your strategy by creating detailed project plans aligned with your mission, vision, and values. We also set KPIs and OKRs to track progress and provide accountability.


We help you with comprehensive financial services that include creating effective financial strategies and structures such as cost analysis and reduction, cash flow management, and accounts receivable collections systems. Additionally, we help you with comprehensive financial planning that includes creating a business budget aligned with your overall goals, analyzing financial history to plan for revenue and expenses, and tracking actual performance against your budget through a financial dashboard.


Nonprofit boards are the driving force in achieving the Mission and Vision of the organization. We are your source for strategies and best practices for board recruitment and orientation, ongoing member learning and development, succession planning, team building, coaching, performance evaluation, platform development and management, and review of board policies/documentation.


We offer fundraising services, creating tailored annual fund and capital campaign plans, while providing seamless project management. We help your organization unleash its potential and achieve your development goals with our strategic guidance.


We help you build a strong and effective team by managing staff meetings, creating job descriptions, scorecards, on-boarding plans, and commission models. We also handle recruitment and on-boarding processes to ensure that your team has the skills and resources they need to drive success, and succession planning to ensure a strong transition in leadership.


We help organizations stand out by developing strategic marketing and communication plans, including creating a comprehensive brand guide or rebranding, analyzing website and social media presence, and analyzing competitors. We also develop effective social media strategies and offer additional services such as content creation, email marketing, and SEO optimization to further enhance your digital presence and drive engagement. 


We design and deliver leadership development and coaching programs that align with your nonprofit’s mission, vision, and strategy. We build the technical, relational, and communication skills that drive strategic execution and impact, improve bottom-line financial performance, successfully navigate change, and attract and retain talent. CSR is a Certified Everything DiSC® Partner, assisting individuals in understanding their own workplace “wiring” and those of their colleagues, building better relationships and collaboration.


We work with you to streamline and optimize your nonprofit initiatives with our expert project and program management services. We provide tailored solutions, ensuring efficient planning, execution, and evaluation, allowing your organization to achieve maximum impact in delivering its mission and achieving its vision.


As an impartial, third party, CSR excels in the identification and selection of IT services that fit you and your business.  Using sound project management practices and tools that will align with your business goals, identified solutions will streamline your operations and drive productivity improvements.


We optimize your operations by implementing Six Sigma and Lean processes, streamlining procedures, and creating an operations dashboard to track KPIs and OKRs. We also act as a valuable sounding board, providing insights and recommendations to drive ongoing success.


We offer expert compliance advice and support, encompassing policy development and review, in addition to reviewing or crafting organizational bylaws. We help ensure regulatory and ethical adherence, mitigate risks, and achieve governance excellence through our concise, tailored solutions.


Unlock Your Full Potential with CSR

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