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Who Cares What You Have to Say?

For the past 18 years, I have worked in some capacity in the marketing function.  I’ve had the privilege of serving clients in large corporations, local non-profits, and small and medium professional services firms.  Marketing is the science and art of getting more people to want to buy.  It’s a wonderful mix of analytics, design, project management, emotion, good fortune, and common sense.  Using a variety of media and techniques, I have marketed credit cards, agent banks, telemarketing services, prepaid calling cards, telecom, inventory financing, faith-based social services, staffing services, management consulting, legal work, media and PR.

For all of those products and services, it’s been important to describe the why, what and how in very appealing and compelling ways to make it easier for salespeople or development folks to seal the deal.  But I can describe until I’m blue in the face, and what really matters is what current clients have to say.

Testimonials from happy clients have the power and credibility that rival no other marketing message.  Who cares what we have to say when our customers say it better?  And asking for and using testimonials is not rocket science.  It’s as simple as this: “I really enjoy working with you and would be grateful for your testimonial.  May I have one?”  You’re confirming your appreciation, you’re asking, AND you’re asking for permission.

A customer may respond that he or she would be delighted to give you a testimonial, but time is awfully tight right now.  That turns into an opportunity if you offer to draft something that they can edit.

So where do you use testimonials from pleased customers?  Everywhere!  Your website, social media sites, marketing collateral, proposals, emails, phone calls, handwritten notes.  CSR is grateful for our many testimonials provided over the years, and we encourage you to build your own list of unrivaled marketing messages.


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