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Strategic Human Resource Management Is Key To Success

Anyone who has watched a MLB team knows that in Spring Training the managers need to cover every position with some backup plan when a first line choice doesn’t work out. A team that needs a catcher doesn’t go out to recruit a new first baseman.

Your organization needs the same kind of personnel plan; we at CSR call it “Strategic Human Resource Management”.

First, we help you with a real assessment of what skills you need. Those are divided into those functions that need to be in-house, on staff, and those that are less day-to-day and should be outsourced to a knowledgeable outsider. The most important functions will always be sales, finance and production. One makes things, sells them or counts them. But there are a number of other functions that will make your organization function smoothly.

After defining what the roles are, we then look at the skill sets needed to accomplish each function. A strategic human resource management plan includes all of the roles that need to be filled. From these data come the position descriptions you use to fill each position.

Evaluating all of your existing personnel to see where they fit the required skill set is the next part of the plan. Where there are deficiencies, the first choice is to see if there is a potential remediation – college classwork, networking organizations, are possible choices.

If some positions are vacant, or are not well filled, releasing some or just looking to add to the team is required.

Finally, a wise next step is to look to the future. Where are you growing your own in-house talent who will step up to a new level of responsibility? How do you help prepare some of these future starts of the organization?

CSR is dedicated to implementing solutions that work in the real world. Strategic Human Resource Management is a function that we can instill in your team. It is a plan that will serve you well and is truly a key to any team success.


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