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OKRs: The Game-Changing Strategy for Thriving in a Competitive Business Landscape

OKRs – what now?

No, this isn’t TQM or any of the other faddy techniques that Corporate America would spring on its unsuspecting employees as the Technique Du Jour.

If you have heard of, and used, MBOs, this may ring a bell – fear not, if you haven’t.

OKRs meaning and Tools

Within CSR, we have four core values (tenacity, versatility, caring, and openness). Leveraging versatility and openness, we are always seeking to re-invent/educate ourselves so as to better help our clients (wait, did I just sneak caring in there, too?). We are always studying a book together (thank you Tim Fulton for prodding us on this!) and have recently been working through Measure What Matters by John Doerr. In it, the topic of OKRs is defined and discussed.

Here are some salient takeaways:

  • This isn’t a fad; it’s good business.

  • OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results.

  • Used within Intel, Google, and other high-performing organizations, what is particularly attractive to me is that it enables organizations (as they scale) to retain the agility and nimbleness that characterized them at start-up.

OKRs four superpowers include:

  • Focus and commit to priorities

  • Align and connect for teamwork

  • Track for accountability

  • Stretch for amazing

Properly implemented and cultivated, OKRs will foster alignment and accountability both up and down AS WELL AS horizontally within your organization. We also see it as a key way to energize performance reviews (typically a dreaded exercise by both the giver as well as the receiver) and achieve buy-in.

We are working to integrate into our work with our clients and hope to share some case studies soon – stay tuned!

Contact us today to learn more about integrating OKRs into your organization's strategy and unleashing the true potential of your team. Let's create a culture of excellence and drive remarkable results together.

Take the first step towards unlocking your organization's full potential with OKRs.

🖊️ Blog written by Alex Muñoz, Principal & Co-owner at CSR.


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