Alex Muñoz

Alex Muñoz

Principal & Co-owner

Alex is a game-changer, a fixer, and a no-nonsense entrepreneur who gets to the heart of the matter with business owners. He’s not one to let clients sit in their comfort zone or avoid answering the hard questions, but instead, challenges stakeholders to identify their dreams and work to achieve them.

Alex has more than 30 years of experience driving organizational change through strategic planning and execution. By focusing on a client’s specific value and the subsequent growth and scaling of the enterprise, Alex has driven businesses to more than 11M in revenue growth, with up to 61x ROI on their investment.

An Atlanta native, Alex graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and received a Master’s degree in Information Systems from George Washington University. After a 15-year career in manufacturing, health information management, and financial services, Alex broadened his experience even more by working in diverse industries ranging from multiple professional service verticals (e.g., law, medical, engineering, etc.) to the non-profit sector. He was instrumental in the turn-around of a public company that started at $18MM and subsequently sold for over $300MM.

Alex’s roots run deep through the Atlanta community he serves. He is a mentor in the Georgia Tech Mentor Jackets program, President Emeritus of the Georgia Tech Intown Alumni Network, and served as a Trustee of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. He currently serves on the Advisory Board at Lifecycle Building Center, where he is past Board Chair.

The son of Cuban immigrants, Alex is fluent in Spanish and enjoys traveling to Galicia in Northern Spain, where he is proud to trace his ancestry. He and his wife María have five adult children and are parishioners of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in downtown Atlanta. Alex is an avid reader, a history buff, and trivia enthusiast who still finds the time to feed his passion for rugby. A grizzled veteran of rugby teams from Richmond to Charlotte, he can occasionally be found in scrums throughout Atlanta.

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