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Giving Back, One Servant Leader At A Time

CSR has a diverse, eclectic group of team members.  We hail from different places, span the generations, and enjoy varied passions.  We contribute unique skill sets and talents to our clients’ dreams, and we love what we do.  In addition to the client work we do every day, we are involved in a variety of efforts both in and beyond the workplace.  Over a few blog posts, we’re excited to share a little bit about those ventures and how we give back in little and big ways.

What do an executive recruiter, an entrepreneurial publisher, the head of a foundation for corporate conservation, an insurance attorney, and a preschool director have in common?  I have had the privilege and honor of participating in a mentoring relationship with each of them over at least a year’s time through the Catholic Charities Leadership Class.  During Catholic Charities Atlanta’s inaugural year with its Leadership Class in 2011, I benefited from a mentor pairing, and then during as many years as possible, I give back by serving as a mentor to other women & men.

The Leadership Class was formed by a visionary board member and a very dedicated steering committee and modeled after the Multiple Sclerosis leadership program.  Participants in the Catholic Charities Leadership Class commit to supporting the faith-based, social service organization in a variety of ways:  raising awareness on its offerings, raising funds, and raising the bar on their own servant leadership development.

During my mentor meetings, I try to strike a balance between professional advice, personal probing, and spiritual support.  The meetings are two-way streets with my exposure into their career paths, their approaches to faith enrichment, and their challenges and joys with family and friends.  I can easily say that volunteering as a mentor has been extremely enriching to me and well worth my time and energy.

If you’d like to find out more about the Catholic Charities Atlanta Leadership Class, please visit this page for more information.  It would be my pleasure to nominate you to participate later this year or to serve as a mentor.  Please keep this year’s participants in your thoughts as they’re recognized this month in their graduation ceremony!

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