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Don’t Get Frostbite This Summer

As we enter the summer doldrums, I am reminded of my admonition to our clients to understand the rhythms and flows of their business.

My kids (4 girls and one boy) are avid readers and summer was when they particularly bore down on the reading.  They tended to gravitate toward adventure fiction and loved anything that would allow them to pretend while they were outside – in pioneer America, think Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, there was an ebb and flow to the work that everyone did.  Times were different: you really worked really hard when the weather was favorable and the temperatures bearable.  When winter came, everything shut down and there were activities that were more oriented towards maintenance and planning since you couldn’t do much else.

Obviously, times are different but there are some elements that remain true.  We know that our clients have busy seasons (and it depends on their practice areas and fields) and propose to them the best times to work together.  Though many folks see the summer months as a sign to check out, we see this as “winter” and when we can engage with our clients to think, plan, and get that maintenance and planning mapped out.

Don’t get frostbit – let’s talk and figure out how to make the most of your growing seasons.


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