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“Did You Know…”

At CSR, we remain big fans of author, speaker and revenue rabble-rouser Alex Goldfayn.  We gobbled up his first book “The Revenue Growth Habit” and pre-ordered “Selling Boldly.”  Why are we fans?  Alex’s common sense and simple approaches to revenue generation are backed by data and RESULTS, and that gets us to his acronym, “DYK”.

By asking your customers the question that starts with “Did you know?”, you can open up the dialogue for add-on sales and referrals in exponential ways.  “Did you know” questions can relate to additional products or services, ways of fulfilling their needs, distribution channels, various options to delivery, and so on.

Here’s an example of how DYK has been fruitful for a CSR client.  This staffing services firm specializes in learning & development talent globally.  The majority of their clients’ requests are for instructional designers to work on a contract basis on training programs.  Things get really interesting (and lucrative) when our client’s relationship managers start asking these questions:

  1. Did you know we have training coordinators that can handle all of the scheduling, budgeting, and administrative details for your program roll-out?

  2. Did you know that we place graphic designers, videographers, and voiceover talent to really enhance your materials?

  3. Did you know that we offer translation services for your global training?

  4. Did you know that we deliver off-the-shelf training on over 50 courses to save you time and money?

And the list goes on.  How does our client ask their DYK questions?  The questions are posed in client conversations (formal and informal), email signatures, mini-newsletters, social media posts, etc.

We encourage you to give DYK a try for some revenue rejuvenation.  Conduct a brainstorming session at your next sales meeting:  What might our customers NOT be aware that we sell?  Then deploy some DYK ASAP.


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