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What’s Really On This Path To Results?

Once a CSR client moves past the blood, sweat & tears of their strategic planning session, they are met with a choice:  implement the strategic objectives on their own or partner with CSR to handle the implementation as a team.  The clients that select the latter proceed on CSR’s Path to Results, and today we’re sharing an example of what that looks like.

After completing her initial strategic plan in late 2016, a new client was poised to significantly expand her own consulting firm after years of working for others or juggling everything by herself.  She had strategic objectives that ran the gamut:  operations, finance & administrative, systems, sales & marketing, human resources, systems – with multiple objectives within each function!  She had a solid contract pipeline in place but desired a serious partner to help her achieve her growth, and she agreed to walk that path with us.

During the course of our first entire year together, she enjoyed a four-fold increase in revenue with significant contributions to the bottom line.  We prioritized her many strategic objectives into manageable quarterly goals, and we focused on the infrastructure required for even more growth into her second year:  recruiting key personnel, solid financial reporting, funding flexibility, and human resource systems.

As part of her annual strategic planning refresh (included in retainer engagements), the real fun on the path kicked in as we shifted from back-office infrastructure to front-end marketing and business development efforts.  Her growth plan includes business line and geographic market expansion along with new resource needs.  CSR has added team members to her engagement in order to bring her the best-walking partners, and the Path to Results continues.


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