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Welcome, Stephanie!

CSR is thrilled to welcome a new consultant: Stephanie Everett.

Stephanie’s passion for learning how businesses grow and prosper began as a child watching her father achieve the American dream.  Her earliest memories include visiting her dad at the car dealership where he sold used cars.  By the time she was in high school, he had worked his way up to owning and running a dealership.  They would often discuss his business philosophies—which included treating his employees well even during difficult times.  Ever since high school, they have traded management and leadership books and the discussion continues today.

During the 14 years she practiced law, Stephanie loved learning about her client’s businesses and figuring out the pieces to making her own law practice a success.  As the managing partner of a boutique litigation firm she co-founded and grew from 2 attorneys to 13 attorneys in under 7 years, she learned the importance of working on her business, not just in it.

It was no surprise when Stephanie decided to focus her attention on helping other lawyers create successful businesses that allow them to work less, find happiness, and become more profitable.  Now, Stephanie is excited to share that passion, her experience, and knowledge with CSR’s clients.

“From the moment I met Stephanie, I knew she shared CSR’s values and mission.  It was a no-brainer to add her to the team to work with our growing law firm segment,” said CSR owner Alex Muñoz.  “As soon as CSR’s clients meet her, they will share our excitement.”

“I am thrilled to be part of the team!  It is an easy transition because we already approach clients in the same way and everyone is dedicated to the same goal.” Stephanie added.  When she is not empowering lawyers to be their best, she is busy with an audacious 5-year-old daughter, sampling craft beer from her husband’s craft beer distribution company, volunteering with several local and national charities, playing Texas Hold ’em, or traveling.


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