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Welcome, Noah

Noah was brought to the Atlanta area as an engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2017 he received a B.S. with honors in Materials Science and Engineering, with a concentration in Polymer and Fiber Materials. Following his graduation, Noah served in Peace Corps Zambia, working closely with the Zambia Department of Fisheries to facilitate the development of aquaculture among rural sustenance farmers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he worked closely with small business owners as a representative of the Small Business Administration. His work for multiple US government agencies as well as for the Environment, Health, and Safety department of a medical device manufacturer has honed the organized, diligent manner in which he approaches his work.

Working within CSR, Noah believes that when it comes to delivering the highest quality product - the process starts first by listening closely then acting. He strives to understand the deeper, primary goals that predicate the tasks around him.

Unifying Noah’s professional background is an underlying desire to seek out new challenges and contribute to the world around him. When at home Noah enjoys plucking on his guitar and mandolin. He is an avid chess enthusiast.


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