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Venue Review: San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company

I am often asked about ideal venues for different business meetings: “Do you have meetings at your office?” “Where is a good place to meet?”  “Where is a good place to work?” and “Where do you have meetings?”. I am happy to report that I can address each and every one of these.

Because of the nature of what CSR does, over time I have developed a go-to list for places to go based on need. Every month, I will provide a quick recommendation for one of my favorite places to go for business reasons.

Where you meet with someone totally depends upon the person that you are meeting, the goal of the meeting, what you want to get done (and don’t want to get done), etc. This month, I’m spotlighting San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company. For a short (less than an hour) meeting to talk informally and generate trust in a low stress environment, I often go to the SFCR that is – literally – a five minute walk from my home in Morningside. There is the “cool” vibe that comes from being intown. But I really like how I can get in and out with a minimal disruption to my day. Plus, most people around are in a pretty good mood because it is a pleasant locale. The service is quick and friendly and the music is not too loud. Finally, since the chairs become physically uncomfortable after about 45 minutes, it is a good way to end meetings around that time frame. SFCR, which is locally owned, also has locations in the Candler Park and Poncey Highland neighborhoods.. You can also read what others have to say about San Francisco Coffee on its Yelp page.

Where do you like to meet for coffee?



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