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Venue Review: Alon’s French Bakery

While CSR HQ is convenient and used for our full staff meetings, we have found that for our own meetings, other venues can be helpful. We focus better when we get out and grab a bite while discussing the topics at hand. Our current favorite is Alon’s French Bakery in Morningside.

Alon’s has reliable wifi and outlets, both of which are essential to our meetings. Most customers take their food to go so there are usually seats open. And the food…the food! There are all kinds of delicious selections, from the large variety of cheeses to the gourmet desserts to the huge selection of lunch dishes, sides, and salads. There are always some allergen-free items for those who require them (I’m gluten-intolerant but have always found something to munch on). There is also a coffee bar with the standard coffee shop offerings.

Alon’s is a great place for early morning meetings (the breakfast is marvelous) and casual meetings in general. It’s got a decent level of ambient noise, so it’s not a great venue for highly focused discussions or large parties. But for our purposes, it’s been filling our needs perfectly. We’ve also spotted some big-shot Atlanta venture capitalists working from Alon’s in their pajamas enjoying the food and nice ambiance, so we are in good company!

Has anyone else tried Alon’s? How does it rank according as both a restaurant and a meeting place?



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