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Toolbox For A Zero Inbox

Last year we gave you a few tips to help you get a coveted zero inbox. With a new year underway, we’re upping the ante on organization and inbox optimism by sharing 3 tools to help you stick to our zero inbox practices.

  1. Boomerang for Gmail is an app that helps you schedule emails and set reminders for follow-up. With this app, you can rid yourself of the practice of setting emails to “unread” so you can read later, as we know that often sends them into a dark abyss. You can also have an email disappear from your inbox and boomerang back on the day you need to pay the bill or reply to the person.  I use this app daily and it has helped me reduce inbox clutter.

  2. also helps you clear out the clutter. One of the simplest ways to get your inbox lower is to clear out the clutter of email subscriptions that are no longer valuable to you. If you have ever signed up for a free trial of a platform then you may have soon found yourself in a never-ending stream of email drips. can help with that. The platform allows you to easily unsubscribe within one interface from hundreds of email subscriptions you may not even realize you are a part of.

  3. IFTTT is an all-encompassing tool that helps you get your apps and devices talking to each other. The initials stand for “If this, then that”.  One of its most practical functionalities is the ability to send Gmail email attachments to Google Drive or Dropbox so that you never have to go fishing for a document again. Another handy feature to keep things out of your inbox, is the ability to connect emails to a to-do list on your phone.   IFTTT connects all sorts of Apps.  I also use it to send me a weather update every morning so I know how to dress for the day.

Have another tool that you recommend to stay organized and get your inbox to zero? Let us know!


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