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The Procrastinator’s Client Gift Guide

Black Friday has come and gone, Cyber Monday’s deals have expired, and you still have no idea what to give your favorite clients or referral partners. Lucky for you, CSR’s annual gift guide was assembled with procrastinators like you in mind.

  1. With most international travel still restricted due to the pandemic, bring some holiday cheer in the form of exquisite meats and cheeses to clients afflicted with wanderlust. Check out websites like La Tienda for authentic treats, or simply head to the specialty aisle at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.  La Tienda reflects the culture of CSR’s principals and roots, and we have an Italian colleague who will be creating baskets with all the makings of a great pasta meal for his top clients.

  2. Support local small businesses by treating clients to gift cards to neighborhood restaurants, cafes, or eclectic boutiques. Not only are you showing clients you care, you’re helping small businesses stay afloat during these difficult times.

  3. As temperatures drop, nothing is more appreciated than an insulated mug to keep coffee or tea hot. Make it memorable with a company logo, or opt for a more personalized approach by having it monogrammed.  And yes, we highly recommend a branded Yeti – don’t skimp on something that won’t do YOUR brand justice.

  4. Have a client that is particularly passionate about a cause or charity? Consider making a donation to their organization of choice for a gift that is truly in the holiday spirit.

  5. With health experts urging Americans to stay home in the hopes of avoiding another surge in COVID cases, the perfect present can be as simple as having a favorite vintage delivered. Check with your local wine shop or liquor store, as many now offer delivery, and let clients toast to a (hopefully) more tranquil New Year.

No matter what you select, one of the most important touches that will really make your business relationship stand out is a warm, handwritten note to accompany the gift. We hope this list has taken some of the stress out of client gift shopping, and that you are truly able to revel in the joy of the season!


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