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The Pro-Bono Experience (Not Just for U2 Fans)

We are blessed to have the awesome opportunity to work (really hard!) together in CSR as a combination of family members and trusted associates.  That esprit de corps was honed even before CSR was a reality through a plethora of non-profit/volunteer work that María and I have done over the years.

Working in the financial services industry (Citibank, Signet Bank/CapitalOne and First Union), our family was up and down the eastern seaboard.  Regardless of where we ended up, we would inevitably get involved in causes that were of interest to us.  Whether related to education, health, faith or even in the cause of helping unwed teenage mothers, one thing was true: there was always a dearth of talent that could drive important strategic change.  In the latter example, we got involved to help these young ladies figure out how to do basic things like develop a monthly budget, balance a checkbook, eat healthily on a tight budget, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great – and make a massive difference in the world – if those that had the means (i.e., us, with our experiences and knowledge) could give a little time to those that needed it?  It would even make a bigger difference than financial aid as that tends to be transactional.  Please pass on the survey link for our Probonathon to a non-profit that you know may benefit from CSR’s expertise, but cannot afford it.  We will be making our selection by October 31th.


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