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The Importance Of Versatility

I have never been the best speller. All too often I rely on the red squiggly to send me the heads-up that I didn’t type something quite right. Not long ago, I sent an email to Alex and misspelled the word “versatility” (in my defense, Gmail did not give me my squiggly line) and normally I wouldn’t get too embarrassed over a small grammatical error, but this word happens to be one of CSR’s four core values. I couldn’t help but face palm. I tried to play it off, and I said that I was embodying versatility by spelling it “versitility”, but I don’t think I’ll live it down.

Like spelling the word “versatility”, there is only one way to do something, sometimes. I can understand how repetition can provide a sense of stability to some, but in our line of work, no two days are the same.

At CSR, we understand that each of our clients has a specific set of problems and needs. We are constantly adapting to these problems and needs by creating customized solutions and strategies for our clients’ success. From marketing to business planning, financial analysis to recruiting, our purpose is to help business owners reach their goals, whatever they may be.

We have a closet full of hats. Which one can we put on for you?


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