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The Case for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement. It’s a big business buzz word. From small businesses to major corporations, CEOs, business leaders, and HR Managers are searching and implementing programs to increase their employees’ engagement. Some are on a mission to improve working conditions and corporate cultures. Others are after the proven financial and productivity benefits. If your company has yet to put an engagement plan in place and you’re struggling to justify the expense, there are very real and financially quantifiable reasons to up the engagement game in your workplace.

  1. Increased safety. More engaged employees are less likely to make mistakes that result in safety related incidents. That means fewer time-lost safety related issues, fewer workers’ compensation claims, which keeps premiums down, and less legal exposure to lawsuits. That’s a lot of benefit right at the top.

  2. Decreased absenteeism. Employees who have “bought in” to the corporate culture or company mission are less likely to call out from work. Again, losses caused because of underperformance due to absence are significantly lessened.

  3. Reduced product defects and implementation errors. If your employees believe in your output, whether product or service, they are less likely to make mistakes in its creation or implementation. The employee cares more, feels more involved, benefits from a greater sense of efficacy, and, therefore, sees the end result of his/her work as a personal reflection.

  4. Increased output and higher sales. Not only are more fulfilled employees less likely to make mistakes, they’re more likely to provide higher outputs and sales.

  5. Reduced employee turnover costs. Hiring and on-boarding new employees is expensive, so it’s in the company’s best interest to keep good employees in place. A strong sense of commitment to their employers, coworkers and products, means that employees are less likely to go looking for a new job.

Time, effort, and financial resources are required to implement an effective employee engagement program. There can be a little bit of trial an error, because not every program works for every company. But, putting in the effort, the time, and money will be rewarded. Not only will your employees thank you, so will your bottom line.

If you’re ready to implement a program with your employees, contact us to learn more about our new service offering with DiSC that aims to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.


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