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Tenacity: The Engine That Drives The Ship

The first of CSR’s Core Values is Tenacity. This isn’t an accident. Tenacity is the engine that drives the ship. No amount of Openness, Caring, or Versatility (our other Core Values that we’ll discuss in the coming weeks) will overcome a lack of tremendous effort. It’s not any different for your company either. Providing half-hearted service produces work that is likely subpar or incomplete, and no customer wants to feel like they’re half-taken-care-of. They want to know that you’re committed to delivering the most value you can. And it’s a code we live by.

I believe that if you don’t work tenaciously, you’re counting on luck to provide an opportunity to succeed. Unless you’re a gambler, you probably don’t feel comfortable “letting it ride”—nor should you. Luckily, hard work removes a great deal of chance from the equation. Well-developed skills and a driven mindset are the keys to success, and they can only be crafted through tireless effort.

We at CSR have tenacity in our DNA. Rather than accept the status quo, we continue to push ourselves. We know that tenacity isn’t a static quality, and that knowledge is built through experience. It makes us better at delivering value to our clients. And they’ll never be upset with that.


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