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­Spotlight On Probonathon Finalists

After receiving many great applications from deserving non-profits, we here at CSR HQ have selected two finalists: Pebble Tossers and The Extension. We’d like to spotlight these two organizations and tell you about their missions and projects.

Pebble Tossers is a youth service organization driven to ignite a passion for lifelong volunteerism in youth. They connect kids, teens and families with age-appropriate service opportunities in Metro Atlanta. Since 2009, Pebble Tossers has grown to 12,000 members who serve 117 nonprofits representing 13 different cause areas. Our tagline, Start a Ripple of Giving, engages the concept that small things can make a big impact. Each month, Pebble Tossers features one of their 13 cause areas and hosts Community Service Projects related to that cause area. In 2013, their Community Service Projects alone have engaged 552 volunteers in over 11 different projects, volunteering over 1600 hours, and benefitting thousands of people throughout Metro Atlanta. Read more and get involved at

The Extension is a non-profit, community-supported organization committed to facilitating a transformation that empowers chemically dependent men and women to become accountable members of society. The Extension was founded in 1987 as the Marietta-Cobb Winter Shelter. At first, it started out as just a homeless shelter, but as the founders realized that addiction plays a big role in homelessness, they expanded their mission and name in 1995. Now, The Extension runs two state licensed residential treatment programs for homeless men and women. You can read more about their mission and programs on their website,

Thanks to all the organizations that applied to this year’s probonathon!


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