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Spotlight: Catherine Fuss

Catherine Fuss, Marketing Consultant and Client Manager, worked with CSR since 2012

I have served >25 clients in my tenure including 9 law firms, 4 medical practices, 3 learning & development companies, 2 media groups, 2 engineering companies, 2 landscaping designer architects, an urban planner, an electrical supply chain marketer, a financial services firm, a telecom reseller, and a risk advisor.

  • Most helpful or practical college course you took: Accounting.

  • Biggest waste of practical time college course: Economics of Slavery – too esoteric and brutal.

  • First job you ever held: as a pre-teen, I ran a summer camp out of my home giving stay-at-home moms a safe & fun place to leave their children for four-hour blocks; back in the late 70s, I made $400/week!

  • Most gratifying moment with a CSR client: When you work with someone long enough to see what brings them joy personally and how their professional success impacts their personal well-being.

  • Go to skills – what you pull out time & time again with CSR clients: Six Sigma quality tools especially matrices (love a 4 blocker!) for decision making, Pareto diagrams, and operational definitions.

  • If money was no object, you would live: Staring at the Gulf in the Alys Beach community on 30-A in Florida.

  • People often mistake you for: Jennifer Grey before her plastic surgery or Giada De Laurentiis or my mom or sister.

  • Little known (but to be celebrated) fact about you: One-time skydiver – such a blast but probably won’t repeat!

  • Favorite comfort food: Ice cream – lots & lots of good ice cream.

  • Favorite sport and team to cheer for: Whatever team our kids were (or are) playing for, but otherwise Duke Blue Devils basketball, though I’m quickly becoming a huge GT Jackets fan across all sports.

Learn more about Catherine.


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