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So, You’ve Figured Out Your Why – What Happens Next?

We’ve been on a bit of an existential theme lately with our blogs – what, why etc.  Doing work just for the sake of work is a recipe for frustration, burn-out, and dissatisfied clients.

Hopefully, that work and effort that you devoted to discerning your why took into account your personal side – we like to say that you ignore the personal to the detriment of the business.  You should have a plan or a sense of what you are going to do in your next life chapter…your current efforts should be supportive of this destination.

For me and my family, our destination is pointed to a combination of faith, family, and heritage.  We have intentionally spent the last decade diligently hunting for a location in the part of Spain from which my grandfather hailed as a place where we can manifest the aforementioned list.  We’ll have more on this in future blogs but the point is the following: at a boyish 52, I have a lot of energy and drive to deliver my service offering.  However, this exercise is enabling me to have options.  Options to continue doing what we are doing, options to exit and be an ex-pat in rural Spain, etc.  That wealth of options is essential and energizing to me.

Isn’t that a big part of what it should all be about?


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