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Sauerkraut Manipulation

We at CSR are grateful for the blessings God has granted us this year.

There is a lot for which to be grateful.

However, as the end of the year typically invites reflection on that period of time from January through December, I inwardly smirk – calendars are a total construct that impose artificial beginnings and ends…and we totally go for them.

We have been swamped with work this past month or two because there are a lot of folks that know that they need to have their house in order in time for the next year.  What is the difference between December and January (or, for that matter, March or August or October)?  Not much, really.

So am I taking advantage of our clients by not disabusing them of this notion?

Not really – planning is a vital and necessary activity that all businesses (and families) need to do.  If this sense of urgency pushes them over the edge to do it, great.  Remember how sailors used to die of scurvy (there is a point here, I promise)?

Ship captains knew that the key to avoiding this ailment was consumption of foods rich in Vitamin C – however, oranges and other citric fruits were hit and miss.

The solution?  Barrels of sauerkraut with the admonition that “It was strictly for officers”; the sailors – of course – were sure to sneak into this forbidden item.  Was it wrong for the captains to fool their men?  Not at all – they were saving their lives.

Likewise (see, I told you there was a point here), if it helps our clients to live on the artificial construct of year-end planning, we’ll go along with them.

And not make them sneak sauerkraut.



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