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Pipedrive Review

As part of my sales work at a software company, I use Pipedrive, a CRM and pipeline management tool that helps businesses track deals and their clients. Pipedrive monitors conversations between the business and customers, keeping them organized to better keep track of all client transactions. Deals can be categorized by color and stage to best simplify and serve their clientele. The activity option allows for punctual follow-ups and organized communication.

I’ve used Pipedrive to extract data from Leadfeeder (a tool that uses your Google Analytics data to show companies that visit your website and integrates them to your CRM) and organize it into company specific deals to offer potential clients our goods and services. I was able to quickly get a hang of Pipedrive and learned to navigate it with ease. It’s very user friendly and easy to maximize its use. One of my favorite and most useful parts of Pipedrive is the activity reminder feature. Not only does it remind you on the website itself, but it sends you an email at the date and time that you select to ensure that you get your task done. There is the possibility to select a call, meeting, email, task, deadline, lunch, or demo reminder to help you specify the nature of your to dos. This CRM isn’t for everyone (while CSR considered it, they ended up going with Capsule), I’ve found that Pipedrive has greatly improved my own organization and I would recommend it to small businesses for their CRM needs.


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