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Our Openness

To round out our series on CSR’s core values, we’re delighted to spend a few minutes on openness.  This value may seem incredibly straightforward and expected, and it is.  But allow me to provide a few examples of how our team members deliver on openness with our clients.

First, CSR’s openness translates to being highly accessible and willing to go down a necessary path.  While we pride ourselves on very reliable meeting times and cadences with our clients, we have been known to take calls at very odd times and places in order to discuss a critical subject with our clients.  And just because the agenda calls for A, B, and C, it doesn’t mean we aren’t open to delving into X, Y, and Z if those are pressing needs for our client.

Second, our openness calls for a high degree of frankness.  A client may not always like the answer we’re giving them, but we never shy away from brutal honesty and a very direct response on their issue.  And we are open to sharing in our clients’ pain when they have to make a tough call.  The upside is getting to share in their joys and triumphs as well.

Third, CSR is open to ideas from a wide variety of people and sources.  This openness requires us to listen very carefully to the clients’ needs and be attuned to the optimal solution.  Optimal solutions don’t always come from the same old, same old so we revel in keeping our eyes, ears, and minds wide open.


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