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MVV REVAMP: How CSR assisted a nonprofit to define a new direction.


Defining mission, vision & values

"CSR's team worked hard to meet our aggressive deadlines, providing quick turnaround on input and modifications."

The Situation

  • When House of Mercy was founded, HIV/AIDS was a death sentence. The organization was established to essentially be a hospice organization for those in Gaston County who had nowhere else to go.

  • As the outcomes for those with HIV/AIDS changed over time, the MVV of the organization did not change and the organization unintentionally evolved into a residential facility for those living with the disease.

  • As a result the organization, while doing good work, was rudderless, and it was reflected in the programs they were offering, the divergent foci of the staff members, and the general lack of alignment on all levels such that the organization could not figure out which way to go.

  • The organization is a sponsored charity of the Sisters of Mercy, and they encouraged the organization to update its MVV, as the organization was essentially using the Sister's MVV as their own. Changes to the MVV had to be approved by the Sisters of Mercy in addition to being adopted by the board.

Utilizing their focused MVV, the organization was able to align their programs with this revised direction and let go of those programs that did not align


Our nonprofit empowers those living with HIV/AIDS in their transformation toward a more independent life.


We envision a world where everyone is defined on their own terms.


Community — We foster a sense of belonging, and work together for the good of all.

Advocacy — We work toward shared goals, supporting each other through our collective knowledge, resources, and skills.

Resolve — We fully commit heads, hearts, and hands toward a common good.

Empowerment — We support and celebrate the growth and development of each other.


“ CSR proved invaluable in guiding our thought process to arrive at a finished product that clearly and succinctly defines who we are.”

- Deacon John "Zeke" Panzica


What makes us different?

  • We focus on leaders AND their organizations.

  • We help you implement what we recommend.

  • Our compensation model is tied to organizational success.


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