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MVV Mastery: The Key to Unlocking Strategic Success

But Alex, I want CSR to give me some strategy!

What the HECK is this guy talking about??!!! That’s what we’re doing!

Allow me to depart from our usual format and speak a little more casually – and even talk about an engagement that DIDN’T go the way we would have wanted.


Our experience has been that many of our clients (who are ALL hard workers) get their organization to a certain point and then realize “I need help”. The impetus might be different from client to client – scaling, succession planning, HR issues, etc. What remains the same is an openness from the leader(s) to be willing to do something differently. This is when we tend to get called.

Our approach is “Let’s get the strategic plan done – then you can decide if you want to implement it on your own or if you want us to work with you to make it a reality.”

Most of our clients pick Door #2.

The plan comes into being through a process that starts with an extensive questionnaire we send to the leadership, a review of the last couple of years of financials, and a review of all communications to date with them.

All of that data (both qualitative and quantitative) is reviewed by the team working with the client. Leveraging more than 20 years of our experience, we come up with an assessment of what’s going on (both on the surface as well as foundationally) and generate drafts of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

SWOT Analysis

analysis as well as our take on what their Organizational DNA is (I use “Organizational DNA” to not say “Mission, Vision, and Values” which has a super bad rap).

We use these two drafts as a way to ensure that the client isn’t blindsided by the dreaded blank piece of paper in the session. Most of our clients are grateful for the opportunity to see a version versus having to start from scratch. We also tend to get a lot more done, as a result, in session because the participants aren’t wiped out by the experience.

diverse group of professionals engaged in a strategic planning session

Taking them through the process, we are insistent on getting their Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) nailed down as we are passionate, maniacal, advocates of the power of a strong MVV to capture the organization’s essence and then drive material, long-lasting, transformative change. Organizations that don’t have this miss opportunity after opportunity to encounter and embrace greatness and run into unnecessary problems. A properly articulated and deployed MVV is the center of ANY strategy.

For example, with a good MVV in hand, getting clarity on what your service offering should be (and, perhaps more importantly, SHOULDN’T be) becomes MUCH more straightforward. Who to hire? What kinds of clients to pursue? Referral partners, vendors – all of these important decisions, under the light of the MVV, become MUCH easier and feasible.

Back to my client: this was quite some time ago before we “drank the Kool Aid” on having the MVV firmly in hand in session. We caved on the Client’s request for them to “play around a little with the verbiage” and ended the session with this critical piece unresolved and up in the air.

Boy, no good deed goes unpunished!

We moved into the implementation of the plan for them and we never had solid ground under our feet.

The MVV was never finalized; multiple drafts were generated and never agreed upon.

This affected the critical decisions that they needed to make regarding adding a new practice area. It negatively affected some associate recruitment we were doing for them. It even affected, believe it or not, their budgeting!

The Client’s insistence on getting “some strategy” was a reflection of the lack of clarity that we had failed to provide to them. It was a reflection of the context-less work we were doing for them so they didn’t see how it connected with them.


Start your strategy the right way – with basics in place. Don’t build your building with the Man Cave and kitchen first – get the foundations in place and well established before you start building.


Unlock the Strategic Potential of Your Business with CSR

At CSR, we believe that the foundation of any successful strategy begins with a solid understanding of your Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV). Whether you are scaling up, planning for succession, or addressing HR complexities, our experienced team is ready to guide you. Don't let your strategic goals remain unanchored. Embrace clarity and precision from the start, and watch as your organization transforms.

Don't wait to make the changes that matter. 

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Start your journey towards strategic excellence with CSR—where your vision is our blueprint for success.

About Author

Alex Muñoz, Principal & Co-owner at CSR, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in driving strategic growth. Known for challenging norms and fostering significant ROI, Alex's diverse background spans from manufacturing to non-profits.


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