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Driving Growth & Transformation: How CSR Created New Processes To Propel A Law Firm's Expansion

Law Firm Implements Systems & Experiences Transformative Growth

20+ year firm leverages succession planning event into all-encompassing practice growth.

"CSR's focus on working in tandem with me and not just giving me a to-do list sets them apart."

The Situation

  • One of the founding equity partners wanted to retire, but the firm lacked a succession plan which placed 30% of the firm's revenue at risk. In addition, firm revenue had been stagnant for years.

  • Over time the firm culture had deviated from its Mission, Vision & Values

  • High attrition due to hiring of limited competency and poor culture fit attorneys

  • Lack of clarity for associates seeking to attain partnership status resulting in a lack of engagement in the firm

  • Business development was siloed with 80% of revenue dependent on the firm's top three originators

Ongoing Strategies

  • Staff capacity strengthened through the implementation of robust recruitment, onboarding, & professional development opportunities.

  • Regular onsite work to drive achievement of strategic objectives identified in initial session

  • “All-you-can-eat” access via e-mail and phone

At A Glance

Total Revenue Projection


"[Together with CSR] we worked for four years to prepare for my retirement. CSR also worked with my partner (the Managing Partner) on creating a strategic plan that prepared and guided the firm through the transition. We think highly of CSR and have appreciated their respectful, yet direct, and firm, guidance during these years ranging from recruitment to retention, business development coaching to managing our team members up (or out) to an intentional and thorough focus on our systems following our E-myth approach."

- Co-founding Partner, Law firm


What makes us different? We focus on organizational leaders AND their institutions.

We help you implement what we recommend. Our compensation model is tied to organizational success.


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