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Generosity in Business: Stamping out the What’s in it for me (WIIFM)

A truly beautiful (and liberating!) way to give back in business is to stop worrying about the “what’s in it for me (WIIFM)” factor. Applying WIIFM can translate into an exhausting scorecard mentality of ensuring that every good deed must be returned in equal measure. By allowing oneself a fraction of unconditional generosity, the professional universe will right itself – trust us!

There are three main ways that CSR team members practice generosity in business: helping others find employment, referring vendors, and offering advice and networking. Let’s briefly explore them.

 A picture showcasing a diverse group of business professionals engaged in a collaborative brainstorming session around a large table.

Helping others find employment

While professional recruiting is definitely an important service for CSR clients, we also pride ourselves on being generous with helping others with career moves. We are especially focused on recent college graduates and folks returning to the workforce after spending many years raising a family. These two situations can be very stressful with their own pressures and the need to build confidence and provide tools. It gives us a great deal of pleasure to review a resume, give input on a LinkedIn profile, open our LinkedIn networks for their searches, and connect seekers with companies or firms of interest. There’s nothing more gratifying than getting that happy update from a newly employed person who’s landed the best fit role.

Referring vendor resources

Over the many years that CSR has operated, we have developed quite the database of highly qualified vendors that span many service categories. Looking for a search engine marketing guru for law firms? Check! Searching for a bookkeeper who can flex into more complicated accounting services? Check! Longing to overhaul your benefits for a small firm but don’t know where to start? Check! Want a graphic designer to bring vibrant life to your marketing plan? Another check! Connecting our professional friends with new resources is definitely an easy win for all parties.

Offering advice and networking

CSR’s diverse set of team members and long history has also given us skill sets that run the gamut. It’s fun to see the emails that go to our group distribution with client or colleague requests for information and how willingly team members jump in with places to start. It really comes down to who you know and to be very willing to make warm introductions that can set a professional friend down the right path. That gift of creating connections is priceless, and we don’t take it lightly.

We encourage you to join us in some unfettered generosity this season. Tear up the scorecard and ask a few folks what you can do to help them. Then enjoy the good feelings that come with that service and mindset.

About the author:

Catherine Fuss, a dedicated Client Manager at CSR, brings over two decades of invaluable experience in finance, quality, and marketing from her extensive career at General Electric and various other organizations. A Duke University alum and a certified Six Sigma master black belt, Catherine excels in delivering impactful marketing solutions. Her comprehensive expertise enhances the CSR team, where she actively contributes to the success of a diverse range of clients while balancing her vibrant family life and community engagements in Sandy Springs.

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