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Fonts Reconsidered: Blacklisted Font Faces

do not use

Font choice is a key part of creating any document. Yes, good content is essential. But the way you communicate text is also an important thing to consider. Over the past few years, certain fonts have acquired a, let’s say “reputation,” for being basically awful. Either they’re overused, poorly made to begin with, or just ugly. But some people still use them, not realizing that they are committing a pretty bad design error. It’s fine to use a font all the time if it’s not distinctive or if it’s well-designed (aka, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Garamond), but unfortunately not everyone puts enough thought into font choices. Here are some of the fonts most hated by typographers, graphic designers, and people who stay on top of this sort of thing.

comic sans



Well, that’s enough of my ranting for one blog post. Which fonts do you hate? Do you use Comic Sans, Papyrus, or Bradley Hand ITC? Do you even notice these dreaded fonts? Let me know in the comments!


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