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Five Tips To Increase WFH Productivity

Earlier this month Twitter announced it would not be requiring employees to return to work upon the reopening of their offices. Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey found that the large tech company “saw no significant change in productivity as people started working from home every single day”. Which poses the question: Will working from home become the new normal? 

Working from home has its perks for both employers and employees. Twitter is among several major companies that have noticed not only are their employees just as productive while working from home, but the company is also saving money on traditional office expenses such as corporate rent and utilities. Employees who work from home are found to take more time for their personal well being and collaboration amongst employees is also higher as the usual office drama is almost non-existent. 

This being said, employees who are used to working in more traditional roles are still finding it difficult to maintain productivity during this shift in the norm. If this is you, here are five tips to increase productivity while working from home:⁣ 

  1. Create a home office – Even if you don’t have a home office or a desk it’s important to create a dedicated workspace for yourself. Repurpose your kitchen island or order an affordable laptop stand for your coffee table like this one. Creating a dedicated space to focus will allow your mindset to shift to work. 

  2. Keep it “professional” – While it’s tempting to stay in your PJ’s all day and all you’re seeing online is tye dye sweats, waking up each morning and preparing yourself for the day will improve your mood. 

  3. Time Block – It can be hard to focus when you’re not in your usual space. It’s easy to break for a long lunch with your family or to step away from your computer to catch up on some household chores. Set times for when you will work and when you will play! ⁣

  4. Stay Connected – It can feel very lonely if you live alone and are used to surrounding yourself with coworkers each day in the office. Have your next meeting via video chat or use your lunch break to call a relative or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.⁣

  5. Relax – whether this looks like taking a walk or reading a book, take time to find balance in your day. ⁣


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