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Caring: Not Just A Soft And Squishy Word

Continuing with our theme of examining CSR’s core values, we come to Caring. I sometimes wonder if there is a more appropriate/less eye-rolling term, but it is actually spot on and accurate for our purposes.  Allow me to explain.

We care. We care, not like your Mom when you have a boo-boo, but more like your drill sergeant that wants to make sure you learn what you are supposed to learn so that you don’t get killed.  We want you to be able to do your push-ups (and will get on the ground with you and do some, too) because it’s good for you.

Okay, a business example: I want to know what you’re anxious and nervous about.  Yes, I will talk to some clients at 8pm on a Saturday night when they are freaking because they don’t know if they can do it – reminds me of when I have been right next to my wife and she is about to give birth.  She totally can, and has, but it’s good to have someone there during those times to remind you of your strength and hold you accountable.

We care, but we care the right amount. I can’t care more than you do. I can’t want your business to succeed more than you do – we’ve been there and done that, too.

Through our own strategic planning exercise, we have learned who “gets” us and will appreciate what we bring to the table – as well as who are folks that will take advantage of our caring.

Caring is not just a soft and squishy word – it undergirds the business and ensures that you are able to get to where you need.  And that you don’t lose your humanity along the way.


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