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Breaking Through Resistance    

At Christmas time last year, many Atlanta area parishes gave out books to their congregations – Matthew Kelly’s Resisting Happiness.  And that book sat on my pile-to-read for several months – getting resisted like nobody’s business.  An evening women’s scripture study selection prompted me to read and discuss every chapter, and I’m ever thankful that I did.  In very short and digestible chapters, the author pushes us out of our resistant states toward more spiritual joy.  He counsels that it’s all about establishing positive habits that allow us to develop a deeper and more satisfying faith.

I found many of the principles and suggestions in Resisting Happiness to be very applicable to success in business practices.  I’m delighted to share just a few with you – starting the day with a purposeful routine, embracing mentors, and service to others.

As you might imagine, Matthew Kelly encourages starting each morning early with prayer and quiet – setting aside a sacred ten minutes.  Taking that habit to the business day, set your path to success by also carving out that early planning time to set goals, look at your highest priorities, and gear up for your day.  Rushing headlong into your list or just reacting to each fire will leave you drained and unsuccessful at the end of each day.

The author shares that he was blessed throughout much of his spiritual development by a mentor that continually challenged him, pushed him, and taught him routines to deepen his faith.  In business, a mentor – whether formal or informal – can be invaluable in doing the same thing with professional success.  A mentor relationship should be a safe haven to bounce ideas around, ask for help in polishing a venture, or noodling through a difficult situation.

I think we can all see how service to others is a key component to a richer faith life.  It has a strong place in the business community as well – namely, in helping others as your mentor would help you with networking, introductions, and helping shape ideas.  Next time you’re resistant to a request for help, push through to see how you may assist.  You’ll be amazed at how the rewards come back to you – without expectation.

How do you slay resistance in the workplace?

Matthew Kelly is a motivational speaker, author, business consultant, and founder of Dynamic Catholic. He is a founding partner at Floyd Consulting, a management consulting firm whose clients include more than 35 Fortune 500 companies


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