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Best Of 2017: CSR Blog

This year on the blog, we talked about strategic planning, finding your mission, your values, and your specific edge. We reviewed apps, gave practical tips for improving your social profiles, and had no shortage of easy-to-understand metaphors and practical advice (like this post on selling candy or this post on harvesting fruit). As we reflect on the past year and look forward to 2018, we’re taking a look at our Best Of 2017 Blog Posts.

Here’s what readers loved most:

Back to School: Alex discusses how the professional sphere gets into gear for back-to-school season in the same way as children heading back to school.

Get Noticed with LinkedIn Profile Updates: Emily shares practical tips she’s learned to update your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by more professionals.

Finding Your Specific Edge: James explains the topic introduced by Mike Wien that helps you establish your goals and values.

Why Why Must Be First: In the first post of a series on Why, What, and How, Catherine breaks down CSR’s Why, and it’s importance for guiding the other questions.

Learning from the Hens: Maria shares a few lessons she’s learned from raising hens and why we should adopt the hens’ principles professionally.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring topics with us this year. Something you’d like to see us discuss in 2018? Let us know in the comments!


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