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What We’re Listening To: Favorite Podcasts

Morning commutes have never been better thanks to the influx of podcasts. Based in Atlanta, we know a thing or two about passing the time in the car, so we polled our team to get their favorite podcasts to recommend to friends, colleagues and clients.

Casie Yoder: I recommend After Hours by Harvard Business Review, the 3 hosts have great chemistry and talk about very timely, in the news business topics. Another go-to for general knowledge is In Our Time from BBC. Expert panels weigh in every week on a topic, which could be a historical figure, a scientific concept, or a famed work of art. You never know what you’ll learn – plus, great accents!

Catherine Fuss: I recommend Alex Goldfayn’s recently launched Sell More Now podcast. While Alex’s revenue growth techniques have many years of proven client success, this delivery of his ideas is a new format package for him. His audio clips range from 4 to no more than 10-11 minutes, are highly conversational, focused, and upbeat. Listening to one of these each morning would be a great way to kick off business development activities.

María Rosa Muñoz: On shorter drives, I enjoy Dan Pink’s 1-3-20 Podcast. He selects one new book and invites the author to answer three basic questions starting with “What’s the Big Idea?” It wraps up in under 20 minutes. He has stopped producing them, but there are several available to choose from.

Vasu Pathak: My recommendation is The Moth. People get on stage in front of a live audience, and tell fascinating true stories, without notes. It is always thought provoking and entertaining.

Kaile Daffron: I love the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Josh & Chuck cover every topic you can think of and are funny and engaging to listen to. It’s great for commutes and the random things you learn are great conversation starters. Plus, they’re local! The How Stuff Works office is at Ponce City Market. Another great listen is Inside Trader Joe’s. It’s an inside look at how Trader Joe’s operates, makes their decisions, and why they do the things they do. They dive into things like their supply chain, why products appear and then seem to suddenly disappear, their customer service model, and their sustainability efforts.

Betsy WallaceNPR’s How I Built This podcasts are a go-to for me. The sheer creativity and tenacity of the featured entrepreneurs is impressive, but the stories of launching brand new products/ideas, convincing risk-taking investors, and surviving missteps and failures (often more interesting than their successes!) along the way are inspiring.

What are you listening to on your commute? We’re always looking for new suggestions!


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