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What’s In A Name? Part 3: Results

This is it!

Were you on the edges of your collective seats?

We’ve reviewed Consulting (okay, yes, important), Solutions (hmm, more interesting), and now it’s time to explore the best and last: Results.

Isn’t this what it’s truly about?

When I use service providers myself, I always want to know what and how I/CSR will be different after I have pried open my wallet and carefully and slowly peeled off my hard-earned dollars.  What is the ROI of the spend?  How is my life going to be different?


After we have worked with a client to put together her plan (“I want out in 5 years and need $5MM in my pocket on the way out”), is it ACTUALLY happening?  When we listen to our client and he is talking about how burned out he is, is his life (measurably) actually changing for the better as a result of our involvement?


I tell my team, as well as our clients, that I wish we could point to something we do as being so unique and novel that it rivals cold fusion or perpetual motion.  It’s not.

However, we do what we do so well, so often, and have been doing it so long that that combination of strategy, execution, and caring for our clients leads to a point of differentiation for us: expertise in results.

Let’s talk about you and your business.

Let’s talk about your dreams and why you originally got in your business to begin with (do you remember?).

Results – we can get you to where you want to get.


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