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What’s In A Name? Part 2: Solutions

Thanks for checking out my second installment. We’ve covered that C is for Consulting, or the need for experts that know what they’re doing in order to help resolve an issue.

S is for solutions – pretty straightforward, right?

Hands raised – who likes to work with an expert (could be the know-it-all in school, a high-priced consultant, a plumber, painter, auto-repair mechanic, etc.) who will look over your situation, charge you for their time (by the hour, of course) and then say something like, “Well, there’s yer problem.”

Yes, there is a time and place for folks like this.

Yes, getting someone in (that can fix an obvious issue that has an easily defined beginning and end) is useful.

But…what do you do when you have something that isn’t open and shut?

What do you do if you need to talk to someone about options that go above and beyond the obvious – for example, maybe a seemingly “obvious” car issue could be prevented by spending time and effort on building a different road bed surface that would prevent the wheel from falling off. Maybe a preventative maintenance program would ensure that the vehicle’s health was better understood before hitting the road, etc.

In other words, solutions are useful but what is ultimately needed are results.

Check out my next installment where we really get into how putting together the whole ball of wax (consulting, solutions, AND results) makes the CSR way to go, the best way to go.


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