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What Are Assessments And Why Should You Use Them?

Over time, the critical importance of the human resource component in any business has become more and more clear to us at CSR.  We Initially focused on good management practices that different team members had picked up over time and across different industries. CSR’s movement into a more direct sourcing function has widened our horizon.

We have learned that it is not only important to know and internalize the firm’s mission, vision, values as part of the search (we determine these during the strategic planning exercise which is a key differentiator that enables us to find better people faster), but that we also need to use good tools that go beyond a job description, job profile, and innovative interviewing.

The use of assessments is not “one size fits all”; much like medical tests, there is a tool that fits the need and situation.  Recently, CSR has gained certification in the use and interpretation of DiSC. Look for more on this from our in-house DiSC folks, Stephanie and María Rosa. However, we also know that the Hogan, HBDI, StrengthFinders, MBTI, etc. can be useful in the right situation and for the right need.

Get educated – use the right tools or find people who can do it for you.  The days of “quick hires” are over – you and your organization can’t afford it anymore.


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