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Welcome, Francisco!

Francisco is an experienced attorney with a passion for getting things done. He has worked with small and medium companies for most of his career and has a knack for removing obstacles for business owners. His background in different legal and managerial roles, obtaining results in challenging environments with limited resources, has molded him into a creative problem solver. He has the tenacity and drive to see projects through from start to finish, especially across borders, which he has done in multiple industries such as logistics, real estate, investment, energy production, and international trade. Having executed projects all over the world, Francisco believes strongly in the value of multicultural teams and sees diversity of thought as crucial in order to problem solve on a large scale.

Francisco graduated with a JD from the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) in 2011, an LLM from The George Washington University Law School (GWU) in 2015, and is an active member in good standing of the New York Bar and the Buenos Aires College of Attorneys. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


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