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Versatility In The Back To School Season

September may have rolled around, and school may be back in session, but many would agree that it hasn’t been the typical back-to-school season. With most students kicking off the new school year from a laptop at home, rather than the traditional classroom, you’d be hard-pressed to see a single yellow school bus or hear the crisp sound of a pencil sharpener. Like so many other facets of our lives, school has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, leaving many parents, teachers, and students floundering.

As we all attempt to adjust to the new reality, it has been interesting to see the different approaches many are taking. Some families are combating the isolation of Zoom classes with learning pods, mimicking the one-room schoolhouses of the past. Others are opting to homeschool, while others are setting up dedicated learning environments in their homes.

Here at CSR, we’re finding our own ways to adapt and demonstrate our versatility (which incidentally is one of our core values). We may not be setting up learning pods, but we’re excited to have conducted our first ever virtual strategic planning session. We’ve also found ways to meet with both team members and clients in a safe and responsible manner, and broadened our sales reach to include areas outside of metro Atlanta.

We’ve found that the same versatility that allows us to meet clients where they’re at has also allowed us to adapt to these difficult times. To learn more about how we’re implementing creative solutions, or to discover how CSR might help you develop your own innovative response to these challenging times, feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to chat!


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