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The Value Of An External Read

For our intrepid readers of the CSR blog, you will (no doubt!) recall a blog I wrote a while back about the difficulty of self-examination and action.  “You can’t Operate on Yourself” was the working title (see here if you need to be reminded), but it had that cool scene from that Russell Crowe movie where the doctor is trying to cut himself open while someone holds up a mirror to guide him.

We are two years past this blog and our company’s trajectory has continued upwards; as I write this, I am on my way to CSR’s first client outside of the US.  We will be working with a law firm in Madrid that needs what we bring to the equation. How can a strategy consultancy in Atlanta, Georgia, USA make a difference in Madrid, Spain?

  1. We are the ultimate outsider. This enables us to deliver dispassionate (though we are passionate in our dispassion) guidance without being sucked into the turmoil every business has.

  2. We meet folks where they are. Our best practices cut across language, culture, and practitioner expertise.

  3. We drive results. This is our hallmark wherever we go and we find people relieved that someone is willing to state in plain English (or Spanish!) how things will change.

How we will implement our mojo may be different when distance is a factor, but the underlying concept remains the same: securing a competent, compassionate, diagnostician who is then willing to implement their recommendation makes all the difference in the world.

Focus upon what you are best; get the help you need to blow past obstacles.


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