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The Skills Translate - Part 2

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

― Alan Lakein, author

For 20 years, CSR has suggested new routes and strategies for clients aligned with their ultimate goals. These plans were designed for rapid implementation to achieve desired results. In my last blog post, I described CSR’s new efforts to bring this philosophy, experience, and expertise to nonprofit organizations.

Our Nonprofit Strategic Planning Session (NSPS) is designed to help organizations take a fresh look at how they achieve their mission and help them accelerate growth so they can better serve their constituencies. Whether your organization already has a mission, vision, and values (MVV) or they need revisiting, our team of subject matter experts works directly with your leadership to work ‘from the inside’ to make meaningful, financially, and programmatically rewarding improvements that align with your MVV. Our goal is to make our clients into higher performing organizations that are better aligned to their community’s needs.

A nonprofit strategic plan can often be a months-long process and a voluminous tome that caters more to traditional expectations than organizational needs. CSR believes a strategic plan must be a practical, easy to implement, user-friendly tool to guide the work of the organization. This plan is a living, breathing document that will serve as the "map" to success and can be used to generate excitement about the organization’s future both internally and externally. Our methodology incorporates a combination of meetings; off-site research via document review and surveys or questionnaires with organizational constituencies; and in-person (or virtual) sessions with your board of directors. The result is a strategic plan, which includes:

  • Prioritized strategic objectives

  • 3- year financial pro forma quantifying top and bottom-line results

  • 3 sample project plans to tackle the prioritized objectives

We are excited to working with our first group of NSPS clients now. Want to learn more about how CSR can help your nonprofit grow? Reach out--we’d love to hear from you!


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