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The Other 1%

What is our 1%?

No, don’t roll your eyes—this 1% doesn’t relate to any political discussions.

I am referring to the nugget, the kernel, the seed…the essence that any interaction that requires effort should yield.  Looking at our own mission, CSR exists “…To create greater happiness and wealth for businesses and their owners.”

This infuses everything we do (or at least it should) and is our metric for success.

Whether it’s a kick-off strategic planning session, our ongoing core retainer service or some of the cool additional service offerings our awesome team is developing and spinning off, the same question should be in the DNA of it all: will this create greater happiness and wealth for businesses and their owners?  If it does, great. Move to the next phase/step in whatever is being considered.  If not, someone please pull the emergency cord and stop this bus!

What’s your 1%?

What should be explicitly, or in the background, present in everything that you do?

What is that attribute that you need to make sure that anyone you hire displays and lives?

Figure this out—or get someone to help you figure it out—and achieve organizational clarity and coherence.


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