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The Game Changing Question

At CSR, we have been fans for a long time of Alex Goldfayn’s work – his books, his videos, his newsletter, and his client engagements.  Why?  Because we have witnessed first-hand how his revenue growth principles work, and we love their practicality, simplicity and common sense.

One of his principles that truly is a game changing question is “Did you know . . . ?” or the DYK.  This question is meant to repeatedly convey all of the valuable offerings you can bring to your clients that they might not be aware of OR forgot that you provide.  It’s your job to educate them and remind them, and the incremental revenue can be astounding.

DYKs may be delivered in a myriad of ways:  short newsletter articles, in email signatures, in voice mail greetings, at the end of a great consultative sales call, woven into your website, social media posts, etc.  Here’s an example of how one of CSR’s clients, a staffing services firm that specializes in learning & development, has embraced DYK questions.  This firm primarily places instructional designers or eLearning developers as its main talent and revenue source.  By listening carefully to their clients’ needs and posing “did you know” queries, they have also been able to dramatically increase sales through placements of technical writers, graphic designers, voiceover artists, translators, project managers, training coordinators, copywriters, and organizational developers.

To illustrate, here’s how it could be applied to CSR.  CSR is commonly known as a boutique management consulting firm that caters primarily to small to medium professional services companies.  We complete intensive strategic planning sessions (SPSs) then go on to implement prioritized objectives through retained engagements.  But . . . did you know that CSR now offers an SPS Express?  Did you know that CSR is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner? Did you know that CSR has MBAs, JDs, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and even an MD on its team?  Did you know that CSR can provide project level work in every function?  Did you know that CSR’s Midtown office location is on the BeltLine and sports a brewery and a dog-friendly work environment?

So give DYK questions a try for your organization!  Coming up with your list (which should be quite extensive) is best done in a team brainstorming format.  Then look for ways to deploy your questions in your communications – and watch how you up your game.


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