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Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Media Appearances

John D. Rockefeller said, “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” As a publicist, I couldn’t agree more!

It’s hard to think of a business that couldn’t benefit from some positive press coverage. But some owners may be thinking, “I already advertise, why do I need to seek media interviews?” Here’s a simple way to understand the difference between advertising and PR: advertising is you saying you’re an expert, PR is someone else saying you’re an expert. Which do you think carries more weight?

A positive interview in a respected media outlet enhances your brand’s reputation as a thought leader in your industry. It can bring you clients, connections, sales, web traffic, links, prestige, and more. But you can’t rely on your customers and prospects reading the paper the day you’re in it or being near a TV or radio when your interview airs. That’s why you need to learn to make the most of every media opportunity that comes your way.

Here are 10 ways for you to leverage media appearances for maximum PR value:

  1. Post your appearances in the press page of your website (you do have a press page, don’t you?)

  2. Frame print articles featuring your quotes and hang in your office or lobby

  3. Tweet before and after each interview, and promote them in all your other social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.)

  4. Mention recent interviews in your newsletter or blog

  5. Send links out in a blast to your company mailing list

  6. Use clips to drip thought leadership to business prospects and colleagues

  7. Include a link to your press page in your email signature

  8. Reference relevant interviews when you comment on industry blogs

  9. Direct prospects to your press page when seeking paid speaking engagements and other opportunities

  10. Use your status as an expert the media trusts in closing new business

Oscar Wilde said it best: “The only thing in life worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” So get out there and give them something to talk about!

Wendy Guarisco is the owner of Guarisco Group, an Atlanta-based media relations agency with clients across the country. She is also a partner in MediaBar, which provides communication and presentation skills, as well as media training and placement. You can contact her via LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. Read her previous post here!


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