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Bouncing Back: How CSR Reignited A Technical Training Provider's Business


Rebounds under CSR's Guidance.

"CSR has done consistently excellent work for us. I recommend them enthusiastically."

The Situation

After experiencing significant pandemic-related changes in revenue, the owner and President of the company approached CSR via a referral and initiated a strategic planning session. Among the immediate needs was an action plan to take advantage of anticipated economic recovery, as well as capacity planning and leadership development to position for new growth. Furthermore, deteriorating profit margins indicated a need to reformulate employee compensation structures to accommodate additional resources.

Ongoing Strategies

  • Expansion of marketing and business development resources

  • Overhaul of performance review system and employee compensation

  • Implementation of strategic partnerships, including additions to training offerings and technologies

  • Analysis of prices and successful, significant increases

  • Exploration of ideal succession scenarios

At A Glance

Quarterly Revenue Growth Over Time


"They have helped us work through complex business challenges, design and execute new initiatives, hire a key employee, analyze our financial performance and develop actionable insights, build our brand guide, and patiently revise projections as we have adjusted to the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic era economy. And they have done this with a perfect balance of encouragement and firmness."

- Owner & President, Technical Training Company


What makes us different? We focus on organizational leaders AND their institutions.

We help you implement what we recommend. Our compensation model is tied to organizational success.


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