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Restructuring: How CSR Implemented New Working Practices To Spur A Staffing Company's Success

Staffing Services Company Experiences Significant Growth

CSR's methodology provides complete revamp to training development firm.

"CSR has been able to quickly focus on the issues that we needed to address in our business to take us to the next level."

The Situation

  • Owner felt like he was “in the weeds”; needed external accountability.

  • Needed a sounding board

  • A legion of Number One priorities (i.e., all is important so nothing is important)

  • Stagnant growth

  • Owner still in player/coach mode; “Doing, doing, doing”

  • Owner performing multiple disciplines within the company without the expertise to make him effective

  • Owner unable to achieve personal balance

Ongoing Strategies

  • Monthly face-to-face meetings where prior month’s work and plans are examined to evaluate success, financial results are reviewed, and future work is prioritized.

  • Use of Vision/Traction Organizer to drive ongoing strategy

  • “All-you-can-eat” access via e-mail and phone

At A Glance

Total Revenue Projection


"CSR holds me and my team accountable for working our plan to implement the changes we need for business growth. As the president of the company, I’ve found this service invaluable. CSR has served as essentially my COO helping me drive strategic, marketing and operational improvements in the business."

- Owner, Staffing Services Company


What makes us different? We focus on organizational leaders AND their institutions.

We help you implement what we recommend. Our compensation model is tied to organizational success.


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