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Balancing Books and Building Capacity: Recruiting a Nonprofit Finance Manager

CSR created an ideal candidate profile, restructured a remote work policy, and developed a competitive salary structure to find and place the best candidate for a nonprofit.


What makes us different?

  • We focus on leaders AND their organizations.

  • We help you implement what we recommend.

  • Our compensation model is tied to organization’s success.

“From the outset, CSR impressed me with their meticulous approach and personalized attention. Their team took the time to thoroughly understand our organization's needs, culture, and the specific traits we sought in our Finance Manager.”


  • The organization was in dire need of a competent Finance Manager to enhance its mission and further its efforts in the community.

  • The organization had an outsourced accounting solution that was not providing the level of care, oversight and attention to detail needed.

  • The organization's finances had become increasingly complex in a short period of time due to the creation of a new mixed-income development. They had initially maintained an internal finance team, then outsourced it, and now wanted to bring it back in-house for the aforementioned reasons.

  • The Executive Director was overwhelmed with various work in many departments, stealing time, energy, and efforts from what she needed to focus on most to ensure the continued success of the organization.

In the fiercely competitive employment marketplace, finding the right candidate for a crucial position was an arduous task. However, thanks to their expertise and dedication, we not only found a highly qualified finance professional but also someone whose passion aligns perfectly with our mission.
Executive Director Charlotte (NC) area Nonprofit


  • Maintain an eye on future positions that would further enhance the delegation efforts, removing tasks from the Executive Director

  • Recruitment of a Development Manager

  • Implementation of hybrid/flexible work from home policy to ensure the highest quality candidates for recruitment going forward



  • Initially, the Executive Director had a low salary and required that the candidate be 100% in office, as this was her preference and had been the status quo.

  • CSR honored the wishes of the Executive Director but cautioned that this could yield fewer qualified candidates.

    • After a month of recruiting and reaching the final stages of the process with a number of candidates, CSR met with the Executive Director to re-strategize and underscore the importance of having some flexibility with remote/hybrid work as well as increasing the salary.

  • CSR structured a policy that allowed for some opportunities to work from home, with a minimum in-office requirement to satisfy the Executive Director.

  • This shift yielded the highest-caliber candidates and allowed CSR to secure a competitive offer within weeks.


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