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Optimizing Company Values: Elevating Culture and Performance

Going Back to School for your Values

Whether it’s been ten months or ten years since you determined your company’s values and put them into play, it never hurts to review them for currency. And there’s no better time to do that than right now as the school year starts (or has already begun).

What do we mean by reviewing your values for currency? Here’s the framework:

What are they and how many are there?

  • Are your values easy to understand, meaningful, and easy to explain to any company stakeholders?

  • Are there too many of them? Limit your values to no more than 3-5. Having too many values causes confusion and dilutes the power of the few.

  • Can your values be described with observed behaviors and practical examples? If not and they don’t distinguish your company, eliminate those particular values.

Where are they published or used?

Hidden values don’t benefit anyone. At a minimum, they should be clearly spelled out on your website. Other important places to display them are as follows: job postings, onboarding processes, operations manuals, intranet, marketing collateral, and physical locations. CSR had one client who emblazoned their values on their main conference room wall in three-foot-tall lettering. It made us weep with joy.

Tying back to where your values are displayed also drives how they are used. How candidates fit with your values is one of the first screening criteria to deploy. Are your vendors in sync with your values? Do your clients feel all of your values in their interactions with you? Can your employees all demonstrate how they live out your values in their daily work?

Applying values at CSR

CSR’s values are definitely a hallmark of how we operate. A non-negotiable discussion point in our frequent team meetings focuses on how each of us sees our values being demonstrated with specific client examples. They are used to screen new team members. They are used to evaluate existing team members.

About author

Catherine Fuss: Accomplished professional with 20+ years in finance, quality, marketing, certified Six Sigma master black belt, and dedicated community leader.

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